Java library for OpenStack Storage, aka Swift

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Future features

Object Storage Swift API related functionality

Wishlist for JOSS separate from Object Storage functionality

  • Content-sniffing; make content-sniffing (as opposed to file extension matching) a part of JOSS
  • Persistable in-memory Object Store; useful if a server is running on in-memory object store and wants to persist its state after a server restart
  • Method for asking whether an object's metadata has been read


  • Added support for large objects with static manifests:
  • Support for the OPTIONS verb: Clients can use the OPTIONS verb as defined in
  • Added support for CORS requests:
  • Bulk requests
    • Added support for auto-extracting archive uploads: A client can upload an archive file (ie a .tar file) and the contents will be stored individually in the cluster
    • Added support for bulk deletes: A client can delete many objects with one delete request
  • Support for multi-range requests: Clients can request multiple ranges from an object with just one request
  • Quotas
    • Added user-managed container quotas
    • Added support for account-level quotas (managed by an auth reseller)
  • Swift now returns 406 if it cannot satisfy the Accept header