Java library for OpenStack Storage, aka Swift

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Supported Swift Features

Below is the list of features mapped to the features of the OpenStack Swift REST API.


# Subject Explanation
1.2 Authentication N/A


# Subject Explanation
3.1.1 List Containers Supported: prefix, marker, limit, format (always json)
3.1.2 Retrieve Account Metadata
3.1.3 Create/Update Account Metadata
3.1.4 Delete Account Metadata


# Subject Explanation
3.2.1 List Objects Supported: prefix, marker, limit, format (always json)
    Not supported: end_marker, delimiter, path
3.2.2 Create Container
3.2.3 Delete Container
3.2.4 Retrieve Container Metadata
3.2.5 Create/Update Container Metadata
3.2.6 Delete Container Metadata
4.8 Special Metadata: Container ACLs Supported: public/private
Not supported: fine-grained authorization
4.13 Pseudo-Hierarchical Folders/Directories

Static website

# Subject Explanation
3.3.1 Static Web Middleware via swift 0.9.0
3.3.2 Set Error Pages for Static Website 0.9.0


# Subject Explanation
3.4.1 Retrieve Object
3.4.2 Create/Update Object Large Object Creation
Automatically apply Swift convention for large objects Chunked Transfer Encoding
3.4.3 Assigning CORS Headers to Requests
3.4.4 Enabling File Compression with the Content-Encoding Header
3.4.5 Enabling Browser Bypass with the Content-Disposition Header
3.4.6 Expiring Objects with the X-Delete-After and X-Delete-At Headers
3.4.7 Object Versioning
3.4.8 Copy Object
3.4.9 Delete Object
3.4.10 Retrieve Object Metadata
3.4.11 Update Object Metadata